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In mountain lodge Hintisberg

The mountain lodge Hintisberg located between Interlaken and Grindelwald at 1780 meter
It can be reached from Stalden (Lütschental). It offers a magnificent view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

The mountain lodge Oberläger Hintisberg was built as accommodation for the workers of the avalanche control on Hintisberg.

Since 2009, an inn with accommodation for climbers, walkers, tourists, schools and groups will operate.

For all guests, young and old

For all guests, young and old, the mountain lodge is ideal for those who, because of the daily stress such as work, family, TV, Internet, etc. can't come to rest. In good as in bad weather, the mountain house is cozy. The kids can play outside without danger. One can make different games, some games are available but there may also be taken like own. There are also beautiful hiking trails, which are all within easy reach from the house. Who does not want to go home, can also stay right here, it is very quiet and relaxing.

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